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You are here because you want to make money - probably through investment. Isn’t it?

Why do you want to make money?


To become richer, to do this & that... You may have many answers which can be simplified into one - to achieve financial freedom. 

Financial Freedom

Financial freedom involves achieving different financial goals - emergency, security, car, house, world tour, retirement etc. etc. Majority goes ahead unplanned haphazard way with little, no or assumed knowledge towards financial freedom. A very few goes with proper knowledge and scientifically designed financial freedom plan and that creates significant difference in wealth creation, which was never imagined possible.

This video explains how knowledge and discipline can create significant difference in your finance.

Wrong Product 


Investment in wrong products is so very common. There is a very high probability that your hard earned money is stuck up for years or decades that are actually yielding 4 - 5% annualised returns - below fixed deposit rates. Like almost all our participants you too are probably under the illusion that your investments are giving good returns.

This is because of lack of proper knowledge on returns and widely popular unscientific calculation methods.

A little investment in knowledge actually can save enormous amount of money over life.