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Crores Planners Course (CPC)

  • Watch Welcome Video first.

  • Each level is PASSWORD PROTECTED.

  • You will receive the password of one level each day.

  • Find the link to a QUIZ below the video of each level.

  • Submit the quiz to get a link to the BOOKLET pertaining to that level.

Don't skip the instruction: 

Welcome Video

Introduction and some important points that YOU SHOULD NOT MISS.

How to access the course.

Level 1: Compounding Using Spreadsheet

How to use a spreadsheet to calculate the amount after investing a lumpsum for 'n' years in your mobile without prior knowledge on spreadsheets. (23 minute video + Quiz)

Level 2: Future Value of Annuity (SIP)

How much a monthly investment of Rs 'x' will grow up to after 'n' years - calculate in seconds without understanding mathematics. (31 minute video + Quiz)

Level 3: Return On Investment (ROI) Estimation

How to calculate percentage returns from systematic & any investment and compare with others without prior knowledge of finance. (29 minute video + Quiz)

Level 4: Mutual Fund Return Optimisation

How to invest in mutual funds and switch between different types to optimize return even if you don't understand alphas and betas of investment. (28 minute video + Quiz)

Level 5: Crores Planners Masterclass - LIVE

How to achieve a 8-figure goal starting with a 5-figure investment without prior financial knowledge.