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2x Profit, 1/2x Effort

- Intro Workshop -

How to achieve multifold growth in profit with minimal effort -

the secrets of billion-profit businessmen

by Utpal KC - World's 1st business wealth mentor with institutional investment banking experience | Ex-corporate professional

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Join 4 days online course

Day 1 - day 3: Pre-Recorded Videos. Day 4: Live Session

Live Session Timing:

India 9:30 pm

London - 4:00 pm  

New York - 11:00 am

Los Angeles - 8:00 am


Next batch starts on:

Monday, 16 Jan 2023

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2X Profit Intro Workshop

We start or join a business with a dream to achieve freedom, create wealth, create difference in people's life, to give a better life to our family or to have a sense of achievement. We have seen a lot of great businesses and their owners achieving them.

There is nothing other than a business that can help you achieve all of them with ease. You neither need to be highly educated nor  be an  extrovert or hire an expensive chief executive officer for it.

If you are yet to make a substantial progress towards your business goal, if you are stuck up due to lack of time, cashflow problems, managing emergencies, inefficiency of your team etc., then remember, it has nothing to do with you. It is a simple matter when you cut through all the smoke around the management theories.

We are going to aim at all the confusions and make things as simple as possible for you.


I am Utpal KC. Prior to starting with helping small and medium enterprises (SMEs), I spent around two decades as an institutional investment banker advising big corporates and helping them create value. This experience led me to unravel what makes a business grow to a big corporate and why some SMEs remain SMEs forever.

I created this course with the help of my colleagues, who were real professionals and consultants working with world's top companies, to cut through the management theories to transform any SME and place it in an accelerated growth track.

Today our student Mr. Kailash Chatterjee, owner of Nigasu Engineering Works, doesn't need to go to even his office to get his work done. He is now focussed solely on business expansion.

Mr. Shaukat Shaikh, GM of Rio Advertising, has reduced his admin jobs by an unbelievable 80%. That helps him redirect his resources towards business development.

If you are interested in transforming your business, which can be run with your minimal effort and which can grow rapidly then join the course now. I will see you in the class room.

~ Utpal KC

Key Benefits

By the end of the workshop

  1. You will reveal the secrets of creating and managing a great team

  2. You will identify the single major cause of all issues in your business

  3. You will understand what to do to put your business on auto pilot mode

  4. You will discover what business insights the financial statements can reveal

  5. Most Important: you will get an opportunity to join a global community of entrepreneurs, free of cost, who believe in continuous learning and growing.

Course Curriculum

Day 1:

(Pre-Recorded Video)

How to create and maintain a great team that can achieve seemingly impossible goals without creating a dent on your profit.

Day 2:

(Pre-Recorded Video)

How big companies manage jobs over various geographies without the owner running all across the places.

Day 3:

(Pre-Recorded Video)

How to read crucial financial data that reveal health of the business without a finance qualification.

Day 4:

(🔥 Live Session with Q&A)

How to run your business on an auto pilot mode with a steady growth and cashflow without any business and finance qualification.

The Speaker

Utpal KC

Utpal KC is the first business wealth mentor with institutional investment banking background having 25 + years of experience.

As an investment banker  Utpal advised several big corporates to create value and raise capital. As a business mentor he helped many small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to enhance operational and financial efficiency by manyfolds.


He was regularly featured by the renowned business channel CNBC and other media houses.

As a trainer/coach he has trained over thirty thousand people so far, which is growing every week. He has also authored a couple of books on finance.

By qualification he is an MBA in Finance, he earned masters diploma in training, attended numerous training programs on business coaching and passed CFA Level 2 from CFA Institute, Virginia, USA.

Other faculties

Arun Tawde

Certified Business & Executive Coach | Financial Mindset & High Performance Team Coach | NLP Trainer.

Ex Consultant, PricewaterhouseCoopers

Ex Exec., Deloitte

Ex Exec., Nomura 

27 Years Experience

Master in Economics

Sudhir Gowande

Business, Finance & Strategy Maestro | ERP Consultant | Business Automation & Dashboard Designer

Founder, CFO Craft

Ex CFO, Assa Abloy Group - SAARC Region

Ex Finance Controller, Ingersoll Rand India

20+ Years Experience

Chartered Accountant

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