How to achieve a 8-figure goal starting with a 4-figure monthly saving

without prior financial knowledge

with crore planners step-by-step guide

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04 Aug 2021, Wednesday


Rs 99/-

  • Do you want to set a seemingly impossible money goal and create a scientific plan to achieve it even if you do not have a finance degree?

  • Do you want to win over the reducing rate of returns from your savings and investments?

  • Do you want to learn the tools and techniques of investment and planning to earn superior returns and ascertain financial security for yourself and your family?

Then, I have some good news for you.

After helping several thousand people in various aspects of investments, I have created a super simplified step-by-step guide to achieve seemingly impossible financial goals through scientific planning. That doesn't require any prior knowledge on finance or mathematics.

Today I have participants from almost every profession with different qualifications, with annual income starting from a couple of lakhs to a couple of hundred crores. I have participants as young as 18 years to 55 years. I also have many students who are already successful financial planners and advisers.

Today housewife Aparna can work out the exact amount of life insurance you need and design you a perfect SIP and SWP.

Mr Nurul will explain you when to switch from one asset class to another in mutual funds. He is confident that he will be able to create a corpus of Rs 3 crore for his retirement, inflations adjusted.

key takeaways

By the time you finish the course you will be able to,

1. precisely work out how much a lump sum money you should invest to achieve a certain money goal.

2. calculate out the monthly instalment required to accumulate a certain amount of money in future.

3. identify the investment of yours, which look great, but actually are real drag of your portfolio.

4. explain why you need to switch your mutual funds from one class to another to optimise returns.


Session 1:

How to use a spreadsheet to calculate the amount after investing a lump sum for 'n' years in your mobile without prior knowledge on spreadsheets. (60 minute video + Quiz)


Session 2:

How much a monthly investment of Rs 'x' will grow up to after 'n' years - calculate in seconds without understanding mathematics. (45 minute video + Quiz)

Session 3:

How to calculate percentage returns from systematic & any investment and compare with others without prior knowledge of finance. (40 minute video + Quiz)

Session 4:

How to invest in mutual funds and switch between different types to optimise return even if you don't understand alphas and betas of investment. (30 minute video + Quiz)

Session 5:

Crores Planners Masterclass, Live - How to achieve a 8-figure goal starting with a 5-figure investment without prior financial knowledge. (Live session by Utpal KC with Q&A - Sunday 11am)

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Utpal KC

Utpal KC is an author and a financial expert with around 20 years experience in the world of investment with big corporates.

He analysed, consulted and restructured many companies for different purposes like fund raising, IPO, value unlocking and investment.

He has authored many books on investment and currently writing another book on finance.

As an investment analyst Utpal was regularly interviewed in national and international print, television and electronic media.

As a trainer he has conducted more than 500 sessions and trained over a thousand people.

By qualification he is an MBA in Finance, he earned master diploma in training and passed CFA Level 2 from CFA Institute, Virginia, USA.