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People sacrifice their dreams to satisfy and secure their near and dear ones. Utpal decides to chase his dream after 20 years of successful corporate journey as an investment banker & analyst. The author and national media featured expert becomes a transformational coach.

In October 2018 Utpal starts Saintwords Academy. Which was incorporated as Saintwords Solutions Private Limited on 11th January 2023.

The name, Saintwords, is constructed joining two words - 'saint' & 'words'. In Assamese 'saint' is called 'xadhu' and 'words' is called 'katha'. Assamese 'xadhukatha' actually means fables or stories.

Utpal’s storytelling skill and logical explanation makes his training programs extremely convincing. His high level on-stage energy keeps the participants engaged throughout.

Utpal is a professionally trained trainer from IATD with a Master Diploma in Training. His MBA qualification comes handy in effective training need analysis. Utpal has passed level 2 CFA (USA) that aids him understand the corporate issues at balance sheet level, designing the right programs and framing appropriate recommendations.

Utpal has long experience of leading big teams of highly qualified professionals in large organisations at GM and CXO level. Over his 20 years corporate experience as an analyst or investment banker Utpal visited many companies across India and abroad, interviewed their top managements, studied their businesses and balance sheets, advised or restructured them for different purposes.


Utpal is a national and international media featured expert and author.

Business Management, Finance and Leadership are Utpal’s forte.

Utpal has trained over 30,000 individuals including businessmen, professionals & officials across ranks from almost every possible area one can imagine. He also conducted training programs for IOCL, RBL Bank, Bonanza HR, ICICI Direct, IDBI Capital, MCX, PNB Gilts, IFCI etc.

Visit: Saintwords Solutions Pvt Ltd. 

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