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Utpal KC

Da!vik Leading

The secret of success and serenity

A 3-step instant transformational program to unlock your "Daivik" self to achieve success and serenity that you aspire in life without waiting for ages to manifest.

by Utpal KC

4.9 ⭐⭐⭐


Join 3-day live workshop


# This is a powerful transformational program. Anybody under psychiatric treatment should not join. 

# You should be ready to participate 100%. For online participation make sure that you have proper internet connection.

# You need to attend each session start-to-end, otherwise you may not be allowed to continue the course.

# It's a live program; no recording will be shared under any circumstances

# By joining the course you agree to adhere to our rules of the course and our organisation.

P.S. This is not a NLP or 'Law of Attraction' program.

Program Schedule:


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Rs 9,000/-

Rs 1,500/-

100% No Question
Money Back Guarantee

if not satisfied after course completion

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The Trainer


Utpal KC

Utpal KC is an author and a finance & leadership expert with 25+ years experience including 20 years corporate experience.

As an avid trainer he has trained over 30,000 paid trainees and transformed many lives.

From a humble beginning Utpal climbed up the corporate ladder to attain CXO level positions before founding Saintwords. He had been leading big teams of highly qualified people through
many challenges.

Utpal was featured regularly in national and international print, television and electronics media.

By qualification he is an MBA, he earned master diploma in training and passed CFA Level 2 from CFA Institute, Virginia, USA.

Why Daivik Leading

Everyone wants un-compromised success and happiness in life. You deserve them. Its one life after all. And you can definitely achieve them. However, the majority wastes their lives with compromised happiness and compromised success. They accept it. And let me tell you, it has never been your fault. You have been trained by your parents, teachers and the society to limit yourself and compromise. As a result sometimes (or quite often) you feel like getting stuck-up, you feel frustrated, angry, stressed etc. etc. And it is okay - they can be handled easily. But we must address the untoward training.


Some people accept their compromised success and happiness as "part of life" or under the pretence of "being practical". Others go to religious places, read self-help books, attend spiritual workshops and  "ask-anything-get-all" kind of programs.

I was not different from the majority. However, I became steadfast in finding a practical solution. I told to myself, "Life cannot end this way. There must be a way out." After attending many training programs, reading thousands of pages, ultimately, I created "Daivik Leading".

As a result of the untoward training, people create what I term as "Aconscious Asylums". "Aconscious Asylums" are stories that give a strong sense of being right, give a lot of pain unconsciously and create roadblocks to growth and happiness. Every human being creates and nurtures them to different degrees. Stronger are the asylums, higher is the pain, lower is the happiness and lesser is the success.


"Daivik Leading" is the only program to break through the "Aconscious Asylum" in the shortest period of time.

✅ Our participant, Satyaprakash, not only became the most favourite employee of his boss from the most unliked one, but he also became one of the most sought after speakers in his organisation.

✅ Ex-CFO and CA Vishnu transformed his business magically and humorously said, "Sir, I feel like suing you for not appearing in my life 20 years back."

✅ Sr. medical practitioner Dr. Sajjan Agarwal said, "I am feeling as if it's a new life."

Join us to experience the ultimate transformation in your life.

~ Utpal KC


key Benefits

By the time you finish the course you will be able to

1. know how to achieve whatever you want to achieve in your life

2. see the roadblocks to your growth & remove them

​3. remove the roots of all kinds of pains in life


4. feel the blissfulness of a fulfilling life


5. see opportunities all around


 Session 1: Introduction To "Sat"

Enabling participants to see any problem or situation from a powerful perspective for effective resolving.

Session 2: Daivik Whisper

Breaking through "Aconscious Asylums" - the route cause of our pain and barriers to success - just by speaking.

Session 3: "Sat" Way To Success

Practical and sure way to achieve what you want and become successful even if it looks impossible today.

A few good words 
4.9 ⭐⭐


Saintwords, HD-061, WeWork Seawoods Grand Central, 10th Floor, Tower 1, Sector 40, Nerul Node, Navi Mumbai, MH 400706, INDIA


WhatsApp: +918017012222

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